Miga Garden Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of wooden items that cover all your garden needs.
Our wide range of products cover not only fencing but also items that make your garden stand out as special.
We supply fencing, gates ,gratings , pergolas, tubs and much more, modern in design and of the best quality, you can create the garden you can be proud of that will last for years.

Miga Garden Systems have a wealth of experience and skills that allow us to supply all consumer needs and push through new concepts whilst reacting to changing tastes across Europe.
We already have outlets in Germany, Hungary, Netherlands and Denmark and are looking for other companies who may wish to use our services to enhance their product range and would be very happy to discuss further with interested parties.
We encourage open dialog and all suggestions and special requests are considered.

Miga Garden Systems have introduced a child friendly range of products to encourage the younger members of the family outdoors.
To keep the children happy whilst the adults relax we have sandpits, houses, climbing walls and swings.
All products are built with safety in mind and have certification confirming they comply with regulations.
We consider the garden to be a family space intended for all to share and give pleasure.

Miga Garden Systems currently have 1 factory in Poland. Our headquarters, production plant , storage and impregnation are all located in Głogówko.